How to start your own Personal Training Business




If you enjoy working out and spend a lot of time in the gym, there is no doubt you have either engaged the services of a personal trainer or seen them in action. If you happen to be the enterprising type, you may have started to consider starting your own personal training business. By following our simple guide, you can help to make sure you keep on the right path while establishing your new business.


Get Qualified

As much as you may love the gym and be in fantastic shape, you should not overlook the need for actual certifications and training when entering your new business. Many clients will look for at least some form of qualification and it will also help you to develop your teaching skills and knowledge. It is not always easy to translate your methods of training to others and achieve the same results. Certified training can assist greatly with improving your knowledge and communication skills.

Stay in Great Shape

Like it or not, people will invariable use you as a measuring stick for the success they can achieve. By that rationale, the better shape you are in, the busier you will be. It has been shown that almost all personal trainers work out themselves on a daily basis. As the old saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding”. Your clients will expect to see that proof, so stay away from the pudding!

Get the Word Out


There are limitless ways in which you can promote your new business, online is a great place to start, by setting up a Facebook page and even your own basic website which where you could integrate an online booking system as your client base grows. Also, the traditional method of flyer drops nearby the gym are always quite successful as well as word of mouth in the place you train, if that Is where you intend operating from.

Set your rates and know your expenses

You should take care to conduct effective market research on all aspects of your new venture first. Having done this, you should be well placed to set a competitive hourly rate with some introductory offers or multi-class discounts. You should also research the gyms policy in terms of rental fees and commissions if you intend operating out of an existing gym.


Once you have established a strong base of clients, you can diversify into other related areas. This may include selling supplements and accessories to your clients which can further benefit their training or even establishing your open fitness classes and challenges to give your clients a competitive target.


With a personal training business, the opportunity is limitless. You can grow a hugely successful business to expand into an ever increasing fitness market by following a few simple steps. The number of gym goers continues to grow year on year and by following these simple steps, you can ensure that you are part of this thriving industry.

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