• Surviving Your First Year in Business

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    When you have decided to start out for yourself in your own business, you have already taken a huge step in life which many will never take. Congratulations!

    However, it is never all sunshine and rainbows. Quite the opposite in fact. This is when the hard work begins. The first year of any business is vital and claims many victims who for one reason or another do not make it any further. In order to run the gauntlet of year one and come out alive and kicking, there are a few points you should observe.

    Great Expectations

    Many, when starting their business have huge expectations of success and grandeur. This is all very well and healthy in terms of a motivating factor when starting a business. It is natural to dream and for many, these dreams do come true. However, the path to that success is rarely easy. This is a common denominator you will find within many of the world’s most successful businesses and entrepreneurs. From Steve Jobs at Apple to Richard Branson at Virgin and most in between, they have struggled at one point or another. In those terms, it is important therefore to manage you expectations, especially within the first year. That doesn’t mean you have to dilute your dream but simple take one step at a time and try not to lose sight of the bigger picture.

    Too Much Too Soon

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    Following on from the previous point about taking one step at a time, this also applies to your business models and ideas. A commonly observed mistake within new businesses and owners is that in their exuberance, enthusiasm and passion for the business, they race way ahead of themselves and try to be or do too much.

    This have the opposite impact on customers and clients who may see a confused offering, unsure of their strongest point or unique selling point and perhaps afraid to embrace it. Therefore, it is key to stick to the basics when starting out. These are tried and tested thing which work. Over time, once you have started to build up a successful reputation, there is nothing to stop you doing as many new things as you desire. Take the Virgin group again as proof of this. Starting with Virgin Records before now branching even into space with Virgin Galactic.

    Don’t Fear Failure

    Of course this is a point which is easier said than done. However, as we can see from any number of examples, failure sometimes happens to the best entrepreneurs in business. In fact, many would say that it helps to build the correct characteristics to be successful in the long run. Most failures tend to happen in the first year. If this happens, all you can do is ensure to pick yourself up and try again. On many occasions it may not be your first business idea which is the best. It could well be your third, fourth or fifth, so keep trying!

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  • The Advantages of Mobile Working

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    In today’s modern business world, flexibility is key. This means that increasingly we are seeing the trends shift. This shift is one which is in favor of mobile working and freelance employment. Mobile working meaning specifically that more of us are starting to wok away from the traditional office space. This could mean being at home, the local coffee shop or on the move as a digital nomad of sorts.

    Whatever your chosen location, it is clear that the mobile workforce is increasing. This brings with it certain positives. We will outline a few of these for those of you who are considering the move.

    Time is Money

    As the old adage goes, time most certainly is money. Mobile working means that you can comfortably work anytime anyplace anywhere. This cuts out time wastage, especially on those morning and evening commutes. All round, your working life will become more efficient and more productive. The fact that you will also save financially on things like commuting costs only serves to heighten this point. At the click of a button, your working life just became a whole lot more productive and profitable.

    Convenience is Key

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    As well as the obvious monetary positives of moving to a mobile working environment, convenience is also high on the list of benefits. This means not only convenience in terms of easy access for you but most importantly for your customers and clients. With a mobile work environment, you can always be close at hand to answer question and deal with problems which may arise. No more “Out of Office” generated replies. In this way, your client or customers satisfaction can be greatly increased, leading to all round benefits for your business. All from the comfort of any place you choose to work from.

    Home or Away Comforts

    Make no mistake, one of the most energy-sapping, motivation killers is a commute. With a mobile working environment, you remove this white elephant from your life. This allows you to go head first in to the start of your day without having endured the morning rush hour gauntlet and end you day at the click of a button, rather than dreading that packed and sweaty train ride. Work from your home, the local Starbucks. Literally wherever you choose. Your workplace can now be as comfortable and free-flowing as Google or Facebook. There is a reason these company choose to harness such comfortable and flexible working environments. They Work.

    Final Thoughts

    As we move into an ever increasing digital age, so should our working environments. This promotion of flexibility, convenience and comfort ultimately leads to happier and more productive workers. Overall, this benefits both you as the worker and your employer as efficiency and production both boost the bottom line.

    If you are ready for the transition to a mobile working place, do not fear the move. Be open and remind yourself of the positive life benefits we have covered and see this as you future path to freedom.

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  • How to start your own Personal Training Business


    If you enjoy working out and spend a lot of time in the gym, there is no doubt you have either engaged the services of a personal trainer or seen them in action. If you happen to be the enterprising type, you may have started to consider starting your own personal training business. By following our simple guide, you can help to make sure you keep on the right path while establishing your new business.


    Get Qualified

    As much as you may love the gym and be in fantastic shape, you should not overlook the need for actual certifications and training when entering your new business. Many clients will look for at least some form of qualification and it will also help you to develop your teaching skills and knowledge. It is not always easy to translate your methods of training to others and achieve the same results. Certified training can assist greatly with improving your knowledge and communication skills.

    Stay in Great Shape

    Like it or not, people will invariable use you as a measuring stick for the success they can achieve. By that rationale, the better shape you are in, the busier you will be. It has been shown that almost all personal trainers work out themselves on a daily basis. As the old saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding”. Your clients will expect to see that proof, so stay away from the pudding!

    Get the Word Out


    There are limitless ways in which you can promote your new business, online is a great place to start, by setting up a Facebook page and even your own basic website which where you could integrate an online booking system as your client base grows. Also, the traditional method of flyer drops nearby the gym are always quite successful as well as word of mouth in the place you train, if that Is where you intend operating from.

    Set your rates and know your expenses

    You should take care to conduct effective market research on all aspects of your new venture first. Having done this, you should be well placed to set a competitive hourly rate with some introductory offers or multi-class discounts. You should also research the gyms policy in terms of rental fees and commissions if you intend operating out of an existing gym.


    Once you have established a strong base of clients, you can diversify into other related areas. This may include selling supplements and accessories to your clients which can further benefit their training or even establishing your open fitness classes and challenges to give your clients a competitive target.


    With a personal training business, the opportunity is limitless. You can grow a hugely successful business to expand into an ever increasing fitness market by following a few simple steps. The number of gym goers continues to grow year on year and by following these simple steps, you can ensure that you are part of this thriving industry.

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  • Identifying the Correct Target Market for Your Website


    You have many options when it comes to targeting content on your site and positioning it within a certain demographic. One big error often made by people is having an excellent site, full of great content but failing to identify the correct target market for their site. This means that huge potential can sometimes go unrecognized. Following a few simple steps, you can ensure that you find the correct target audience for your site.


    Do your research

    The first, vital step in making sure you identify the key market with any business is research. This can be said of any traditional business and websites are no different. Create surveys, canvass opinions from a broad range of people, starting but not limited to your own family and friend circles as they can be biased.

    Test the Market


    Do not fear failure. This can hold you back greatly in achieving your sites potential. Remember, everything is not better or worse, just different. Try testing your market options with some soft launches and slightly tweaking your offering to appeal to the different options. You should gain some valuable insights into each market by studying the data you collect during these experiences.

    Study Your Competition

    As a new entrant to any market, you will be faced with competition from established rivals and hungry new comers alike. Study what they do, what makes them successful and which areas you believe you can improve on and implement these changes. Take note of your own likes and dislikes in a market and be the change you wish to see.

    Think Objectively


    It is key that you think honestly about your offering and where you see yourself. Being realistic in this respect will actually serve to improve your chances of success. Each website has its own qualities and place within the market.

    Be Persistent but not Stubborn

    It is of course important that you work hard to position your website well within any market and try your best with hard work, time and a lot of patience to make it successful. Overnight success is a rarity. There is some dividing line however between persistence and being abstinent. You should tread this line as carefully as possible to avoid the latter.

    Consult an Expert

    If in doubt, why not talk it out with an agency. They can ensure to provide professional knowledge and experience at increasingly competitive rates. This kind of valuable insight can help to give your website a genuine head start on the competition.

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  • The Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Manager or Agency


    The world is moving fast and changing on a daily basis. To stay at the forefront of business, we have to have our finger on the pulse on an almost round the clock basis. Let’s face it, we are a busy bunch. Latest statistics show that the average American takes only 54% take vacation on an annual basis. In such times, the need to outsource and delegate is ever increasing. One key way in which you can do so very successfully is by hiring a social media manager or agency. Take a look at a few ways in which you can benefit from such a move.


    Time is of the essence

    It is no exaggeration to say that time is fast becoming our most valuable resource as a society. Especially in business, where customers expectation of “always on” service continues to grow. There simply are not enough hours in the day to physically achieve all of our objectives.

    Combining this with the vital importance of maintaining a top quality social media presence, we can quickly surmise that hiring an agency or social media manager is simply the most feasible, top-quality, choice.

    All-Round Knowledge is Power

    With so many social networks out there and each increasing in audience and importance to our business, it is simply impossible for most of us mere mortals to have in-depth knowledge of each one, whilst combining the running of all other business aspects.

    In a social media manager or agency, you are paying for exactly that. Their all-round expertise in each individual social media platform, from Snapchat and Instagram to Facebook, is exactly what you pay for. This knowledge and their skill to position your company well within these networks is absolutely vital to your business growth and success.

    Fresh Minds bring Opportunity


    We have all been there, even the best of minds can encounter mental blocks at a certain point. If you invest your heart and soul into your business and online presence then chances are, with the greatest respect, you are heavily biased. You are very much inside the bubble and more often than not, it can be very hard to overcome some obstacles when they are presented.

    In this manner, a social media agency and manager can bring a new set of eyes to your business and offer new paths of growth and diversity which can become immensely successful. They are simple providing ideas and stimulating more growth, much in a similar fashion to traditional brainstorming.

    Added Value


    In most cases, the extra revenue created by hiring an agency of individual expert to manage your social media, far outweighs the cost of employing that person. Also, it means that either you or other staff members can be free to focus on other areas of the business. Overall, the operation becomes both more efficient and profitable.

    In Conclusion

    In simple terms, social media is becoming an ever-increasing part of every business. It is now an area which can vastly increase revenue if the correct strategy and expertise are applied. An adept social media agency, with vast expertise in the field can help guarantee this winning strategy is implemented and become a key to unlocking future growth.

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