IAPB Membership

International Association for Plant Biotechnology (IAPB)


We encourage plant scientists from a variety of disciplines and employers including academics, industry and government to join. With yearly membership, you will receive a free year’s internet subscription to the society’s journal, In Vitro Plant, and reduced registration fees for the quadrennial meeting. 

You will also have access to our exciting new addition this year: a scientific open forum for plant scientists to interact via the internet
from the entire scope of biotechnology — from tissue culture, transformation, molecular biology, cell biology, genomics and

Members are encouraged to include up to five keywords that highlight their area(s) of plant biotechnology expertise. This information could be used to compile a searchable IAPB member directory, a useful resource for all members.

Membership is only $45 (US dollars)/year, and $25 (US dollars)/year for non-US members. If interested in becoming a member, simply contact your National Correspondent.

If you have any questions for the IAPB administrative office, please contact us.